International Business School is a vibrant modern business school with campuses in Budapest, Vienna and London that attracts students from around 100 countries of the world.

The school offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes in different fields of business in cooperation with The University of Buckingham (UK) that is rated Top in the UK for student satisfaction since 2006 as well as Top in the UK for Teaching Quality, for Student-Staff Ratio and for Student Experience.

In addition to having a truly international atmosphere and courses taught in English language, IBS is famous for its highly practical and student-focused approach that results in an outstanding employment rate after graduation.

  • Practice-oriented programmes in small interactive classes, no lectures
  • A wide range of BSc, MSc and PhD programmes in the field of business, management, finance, marketing, tourism
  • Prestigious British degree of The University of Buckingham
  • Erasmus or internship option on the BSc programme
  • 1-year MSc programmes 
  • Students from over 100 countries
  • Excellent career prospects, high employer satisfaction rate
  • Personal assistance from staff and faculty
  • Attractive tuition fees

Bachelor`s courses

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IBS offers four PhD programmes in English, all leading to the degree conferred by their British partner, the University of Buckingham. 

These are degrees by research which require an original contribution to the body of knowledge in a particular academic or professional discipline.

Get your British degree in Hungary. 

Study in English language and get a valuable, practical university education.

All IBS Bachelor’s programmes are 3-year full-time courses of modular studies leading to the Bachelor of Science degree conferred by The University of Buckingham.
The language of tuition is English on all programmes.

They start with a common first year that will allow you to make a decision with regard to your final programme choice as late as the end of the first year.

In the fifth semester you will be able to choose between doing study-abroad or an internship, or you can combine the two through undertaking work placement in a third country.

A complex personality and competence development curriculum is an integral part of each degree programme. 

Bachelor`s courses (click on course for details): 

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IBS courses in a nutshell (all courses are taught in English language)


MBA in Data Driven Management: 

This unique MBA programme is a transformational experience which aims to develop essential professional and soft skills to nurture leaders of the 21st century.

The programme explores and develops all areas of corporate management, with a strong emphasis on the most in-demand skills in business: analytical skills, data management, business intelligence and a wide array of soft skills.

The IBS MBA experience is a one-year full-time programme, designed for professionals with 3 to 5 years of work experience >>>.

Upgrade your CV and broaden the prospects for your future with a Master’s degree!

All master`s programmes lead to the Master of Science degree conferred by our British partner, the University of Buckingham.

Our master’s programmes are full-time and can be completed within 12 months.

In order to accommodate your work commitments, we provide a flexible schedule with courses delivered in teaching blocks. 

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International Business School


PhD courses

A truly international, practical business school in the heart of Europe

Master`s courses