about Hungary - the facts...

Hungary is a landlocked country in the heart of Europe. It is a member of the European Union and is a R&D hub in the fields of IT and medical science. 

It is the size of KwaZulu-Natal with a population of just under 10 Million. 

Hungary`s capital city is Budapest with 2M inhabitants. 

The country is an architectural treasure trove known for its striking scenery, sophisticated food and all 1,500 of its thermal water springs. Hungary's thriving nightlife, endless festivals and safe public transport network make the country a hugely popular place to be a student.​

Hungary is not part of the EURO zone like most Western European countries. It has it`s own currency, the Forint, which makes it very affordable compared to other European countries. 1 HUF = 18-22 South African Rand. 

The cost of living and food is quite similar to South Africa, but travel - both domestic and international - is very cost efficient and reliable due to the extensive public transport. 

Hungary is a student paradise for foreign students:

  • there are a vast number of cultural, sports and entertainment facilities, even for non-Hungarians
  • we have mainland Europe`s biggest music festival in August (the Sziget Festival with approx. 500 000 visitors)
  • Hungary boasts Europe`s biggest lake, Lake Balaton, which is also home to the awesome Balaton Sound festival
  • Budapest is a vibrant, fun, dynamic city that never sleeps
  • there are large international student communities in all University towns. 

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